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Halter & Lead

Horses, Donkeys, Mules, Goats, Sheep, Calves, Alpacas, Llamas, Cows, Camels, Yaks, Zebras, Emus

Made in the USA

The Halterall - All-in-One FAST Adjusting Lead and Halter Combo for the WHOLE BARN

Figure 8 Halters - Specifically for Goat, Sheep and Alpacas

Lunge Lines, Lead Ropes, Bucket Straps and More!

*Owned by a professional horsewomen from a cattle farm in the Midwest with experience in exotics.


*Everything is made by hand on industrial machines right here in Colorado.

*Even our raw materials are Made in the USA! Because of this we are slightly more than the big box/overseas alternatives, but you are buying local and assured exceptional quality and workmanship.

*Ask for Military and 4-H special discounts.

*Custom orders welcome.


Our most popular product!

All-in-One adjustable halter and lead rope.  

Slip it on and GO!


Fits ANY size horse, donkey, sheep, cattle, llama and more.

Quick easy adjustments. 

No snaps or tying!

For daily use we recommend ordering the appropriate size due to resulting lead rope length.

With a super slim profile (and weighing only 8 ounces) this halter fits over or under any bridle.

Fits in a coat pocket, saddle bag, glovebox or CDE spares kit.  

We also make Standard Halters, Figure 8 Halters, Cross Ties, Bucket Straps, Driving Lines and more!





Quick Adjustments Transforms into 3 Types of Halters

Slip Halter      Limited Slip Halter      No Slip Halter

Quick Catch - Slip over the head, and go. No buckles, tying, snaps or pressure points

Turnout - No need for individual halters. Bring horses in with one halter

Trail Riding - Super low profile halter fits perfectly under/over bridles

Rescue groups - slips quickly on frightened horses, no buckles, no drama

Emergencies - keep one in your saddle bags and glove box

Liberty Classes - no buckles, super fast on and off

Driving - easily fits over or under bulky driving bridles, wads up into spares kit

Training - more control than leather show halters for training halter horses

Grooming - perfect for clipping faces

One Halter for the Whole Barn!

American Made 4200lb tensile strength nylon (solid colors) OR 3500lb tensile strength polyester (patterns)