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Halter & Lead Combo

We also carry Figure 8 Halters

Horses, Donkeys, Goats, Alpacas, Sheep, Zebu, Calves, Cattle, Llamas, Yaks, Reindeer, Camels

Made in the USA

The Halterall - All-in-One FAST Adjusting Lead and Halter Combo for the WHOLE BARN

Figure 8 Halters - Specifically for Goats, Sheep and Alpacas

Lunge Lines, Lead Ropes, Bucket Straps and More!

*Owned and Operated by a Professional Horsewomen with experience in exotics.

*Everything is Made by Hand on industrial sewing machines in Colorado.

*Even our raw materials are Made in the USA! Because of this we are slightly more than the big box/overseas alternatives, but you are buying local and assured exceptional quality and workmanship.

*Ask for Military and 4-H special discounts.

*Custom orders welcome.


Our most popular product!

All-in-One adjustable halter and lead rope.  

Slip it on and GO!


Fits ANY size horse, donkey, goat, sheep, cattle, llama, reindeer, yak, camel and more.

Quick easy adjustments - adjust knot or slide D rings - thats it!

No snaps or tying!

For daily use we recommend ordering the appropriate size due to resulting lead rope length.

With a super slim profile (and weighing only 8 ounces) this halter slides over or under any bridle.

Fits in a coat pocket, saddle bag, glovebox or CDE spares kit.  

We also make Standard Halters, Figure 8 Halters, Cross Ties, Bucket Straps, Driving Lines and more!





Slip Halter      Limited Slip Halter      No Slip Halter

Quick Catch - Slip over the head, and go.  No buckles, tying, snaps or painful pressure points.

Turnout - No need to find individual halters. Lead horses to/from with one halter.

Trail Riding - Super low profile halter fits perfectly under/over bridles.

Rescue groups - slips quickly on frightened horses. No buckles, no tying, no drama.

Emergencies - keep one in your saddle bags and glove box.  Great gift for local deputies!

Liberty Classes - no buckles, super fast on and off.

Driving - easily fits over or under bulky driving bridles, wads up into spares kit.

Training - more control than leather show halters for training halter horses.

Grooming - perfect for clipping faces.

Halter & Lead Combo
One Halter for the Whole Barn!

Materials Made in the USA from the highest quality nylon and poly available.  Period.  No skimping here.

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