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Halter-All™ Livestock Adjustable Halter/Lead Combo XS-XL - Patterns (also reindeer, yak, camel)

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Product Details

The Original Halter-All!

Adjustable All-In-One Halter and Lead Combo - FAST and EASY adjustments to fit everyone!

Made in USA from American materials


*Slip on and GO!

*FAST Endless Adjustments (nose, chin, crown)

*Perfect for Training (will not bind)

*Show Ring fun (or use over another halter for leading to ring)

*No snap to bang on chin

*Wads up into your pocket, glove box, vet kit, etc

*No Buckles, Snaps or Tying



*1/2" wide

*Strong 1" poly is doubled over & sewn on an industrial machine - makes a stiffer halter/lead - less tangling - easy to hold

* UV & Water Resistant - used in white water rafting

• Thickness of 0.06”

• Breaking strength of 3585 lbs.

• Melting point of 500F

* Very high quality MADE IN USA material - no skimping here!


*We do not recommend tying with this halter as it DOES SLIP

Chin quickly transforms into 3 Types of Halters:

1) Slip - USE 99% of the time (like a stud chain)

2) Limited Slip (holds chin piece in place)

3) Very Little Slip (like a regular halter)




Don’t panic over sizing - choose the closest one for correct lead rope length, you can custom fit it yourself!

Will come with 8" loop handle (OR specify a flat end)

Our exotic customers include camels, yaks, reindeer, zebras and bison (please see measurements to order)


*XS: Sheep, Goat, Small calf - 250-700 lbs

(7.5" nose, 20-28" crown, 7' lead)


*SMALL: Yearling Calf, Mini Cow - 650-1050 lbs

(8.75" nose, 24-32" crown, 7' lead)


*MEDIUM: Dairy/Beef Cow, Ave Steer - 950 -1400lb

(12.5” nose, 30“+ crown, 7' lead)


*LARGE: Lg Steer, Bull - 1400-1650 lbs

(13" nose, 34-42" crown, 10' lead)


*XL: Lg Bull - 1600+ lbs

(14.5" nose, 37-45" crown, 12' lead)

While we keep a large amount of inventory on hand we MIGHT run out of certain colors here and there. We will notify you right away should this happen.


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