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  • Kristy Taylor

Frankie and Friends. From the Critters Mouth ...

Those of you who were Facebook friends of mine know all about my critters. They posted a LOT. From daily training life to showing to rounding up the neighbors escaped cattle - my critters had a lot to say. You also carefully watched mare Ruthie give birth on camera (and thanks to fans worldwide I had nearly 24 hour monitoring and was alerted from far and wide when it was time for the little ones to come).

I closed my personal Facebook account years ago and quit showing minis as this business took over every waking moment I had, but I still get message requests asking how the critters are and if they have anything to say. Do they ever!

I will give the critters my password and let them type away - enjoy and ask them any questions you may have - they love corresponding with kids (or adults).

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