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  • Kristy Taylor

#1 Frankie Here

This is Her Royal Majesty the Queen Highest of Maintenance, otherwise known as Frankie. I don't do my own typing, my underling Danny does all the physical labor around here as I don't want to break a hoof. Speaking of, since I retired from the show ring my spa days are few and far between. Since Human has abandoned nearly all my hot oil treatments I am taking donations to replace my dust bowl (formerly my mud bath but water has not fallen out of the sky lately) as SOMEONE keeps walking thru it and .... POOPING IN IT ... the horrors. I think it's Danny. Or maybe Charm. Human - I'm going to need a security camera pointed directly at my dust bowl. Like right now. Stop sewing halters and get on this. A girl has to keep her snowy white coat all dusty and these filthy beasts you force me to live with are almost unbearable.

Human here. Frankie. These "Beasts" are fellow retired show horses who gave you a run for your money in the show ring and also enjoy spa days. As far as to who is pooping in your dust bowl ... ummm ... well I don't want to point fingers and start any rumors ... but ... I saw something from the kitchen window. You to be exact. In the dust bowl. Doing something. OK I'll leave it at that.

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