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  • Kristy Taylor

#2 Charm Here

OH MY GOSH! What is that? Human! Help! HUMAN! Look! I'm on tv spazzing out!

Human here. What is it Charm? This is the 4th time this morning you have interrupted my sewing with an emergency.

This IS an emergency!

Everything is an emergency to you Charm.

There is a monster in the water trough!

Really Charm? A monster? In Denver? In below freezing temps no less? Intriguing.

HUMAN LOOK! It's that Irish dragon!

The what Charm? What Irish dragon? We live in America.

The one from the pond that eats sailors!

What the ?. You mean the Loch Ness Monster? You think Nessie is in your water trough in Colorado?

Nettie IS in my water trough!

Nessie. It's Nessie Charm.

WHATEVER it's name is - get it OUT of my water trough! I'm thirsty!

You have 2 water sources Charm, just for emergencies such as this. Move along to the next trough.

NO! THIS water tastes way better than THAT water. THAT water has a piece of hay in it. Gross. Plus it has Danny backwash in it.

OK Charm, lets go up to Nessie together and slay the dragon then. Come on.

Human I can't tip toe like you, I don't have toes.

Then stay behind me Charm, be ready to spaz out and run in circles with your tail up in the air. Because that does kinda crack me up.

Human! My spazzing should not be your entertainment.

It IS my entertainment since it happens 9000 times a day. Yesterday you spazzed over a piece of hay blowing across your pen. Come on.


Charm - where are you going?

I'm going over here to drink out of the hay backwash trough. It's flavored with a bit of sweet orchard grass, it's quite yummy. What are you doing Human? Why are you sneaking up on the trough? Just drink from this one.

Charm ... I thought Nessie ... oh for Petes Sake ... forget it. I'm going back to the house.

OK Human, I'll see you in an hour for the next mind boggling nonsense spazzing.

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