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  • Kristy Taylor

#7 Toby Here

It's TOBY!

6 lbs of ENERGY!

I never stop!

I am new to the joint and learning the ropes. Penta teaches me how to sleep (boring), Ruby teaches me how to herd the wind (she is always herding something), Zucchini teaches me how to growl (she growls at the wind) and Oreo the cat teaches me how to run away really fast.

I might be only 9 months old but I already know 12 tricks! Human says I'm scary smart and we are going to do agility. I'm already agile - just watch me run through the house with a cat hot on my tail!

Human says I do need to work on "just being still". AS IF! I'm a mighty Chihuahua - I think we are related to that pink bunny on TV. I'm only motionless when hiking (see picture) as I don't want to get my feet all muddy and Human says there are bears, coyotes, lions and rouge butterflies that could take me out where we live so I need to hitch a ride. This is me at 12,200 ft. - trees don't even grow that high. Well Human sized trees, the wildflowers up there are tree sized to me and Human says I could get lost in the wildflower forest. Anyway, I hiked all the way up Wheeler Lake (not quite, we drove, but you did perch like a parrot for most of the trip while Penta slept, shocker).

I do have one question, being a baby and all. Who is in the oven? I mean every time I walk by I hear something in there. So I stop and stare, ears up, head cocked, normal confused dog stuff, but nothing ever happens. Usually I sit there a minute and then give up and admire my reflection in the oven door, turning this way and that to catch myself at every angle. I am very handsome after all. And apparently not vain at all. But whats up with the oven? Human says we don't have mice, the cookies don't care that they are in the oven and I should never touch the oven. But what gives?

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