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  • Kristy Taylor

#6 Penta Here

As the only dog on the farm (there are 4 of you) I feel it necessary to always be on guard (you sleep 25 hours a day) and fearlessly protect the cows (we don't have cows) through physical intimidation (you blow over in light winds).

I come from impeccable bloodlines (I found you in a blizzard and no one claimed you) and thus work in Hollywood (you got me there, I have no idea what you are talking about).

I am as tough as a Cape Buffalo (you cried during your chiro adjustment yesterday).

As big as an Elephant (you are 8 lbs).

As sleek as a Cheetah (you are a mop, half the time I don't know if you are coming or going).

And as ... what was I going to say? (As smart as a fence post?)

It's OK Penta. You have awesome ears and are the sweetest little thing. You try hard. Thats all that counts. Since we do have the muscle Ruby and Zucchini posted down at the barn you can get back to your nap.

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