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  • Kristy Taylor

#5 Shanghai Here

I am the mighty stallion Shanghai. Half Wild Mustang. Half Magnificent Friesian. Half Hairy Bashkir Curley. Half Nimble Quarter Horse. Half Speedy Thoroughbred.

Human here. Thats a lot of halves there Shanghai. Lets go with .... Miniature Horse.

And about the stallion thing ... ummm ... that was true 2 months ago.

Human? What do you mean? What happened 2 months ago?

Well Shanghai, do you remember when Dr Gould came over? With her 2 assistants?

I remember Doc, and some cookies, and feeling kinda funny, hey, wait. Did those cookies have The Pot in them? I mean we are in Colorado. But I am strictly against drugs. I'm clean as a whistle.

Not The Pot Shanghai, more like The Ketamine. Right into your vein. Knocked you right out.

Well whatever Doc gave me I liked it. Being an Olympic Champion show horse I like to watch my figure and I did notice after The Pot Ketamine incident I lost some substantial weight.

Why yes you did Shanghai. You did lose something all right. Although I think the Olympic Champion memory might have been influenced by The Ketamine.

You mean I didn't win the Olympics in Jumping, Eventing and Dressage all on the same day? All by myself? And I didn't need your help at all?

OK, my mistake, sure you did little man, errr, little gelding. Gold medal in all 3. That weight you lost was due to your strenuous athletic endeavors that day, not from being, errrr, lets just go with the Olympic story.

Human whats a gelding?

A gelding, former little stallion, is the best thing on the planet. They are perfect.

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