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James, the Diary of the Super Mini!


November 21, 2017

Dear Diary, It's James! I can’t wait until I go away to boys camp (Frankie’s kind description of weaning). My mom is SOOOO embarrassing. This morning we were in our special grain pen eating. Human puts some courtesy hay in there to keep mom and I busy if we finish our grain early. Well, human was late to turn us loose. We ran out of courtesy hay. Mom started stomping her feet and glaring at human who we could see washing bugs off the trailer. Human let us starve about 1.5 minutes before coming in to turn us loose. Mom started SCREAMING at human and saying all sorts of bad things. She called her names. I am so embarrassed. Human was just like totally washing OUR trailer for US and mom chewed her out. I stayed very quiet and politely trotted out of the pen but mom had to dramatically burst out and bury her face in hay. Even dad stopped eating to give her “the look”. Sorry human. My mom is so embarrassing. (Insert eye roll).


November 20, 2017

Dear Diary, It's James!So I’ve been practicing going to boys camp. Yesterday we went ALL the way to the top of the hill and found a giant square thing. I circled it snorting trying my best to warn Danny and Twister of impending danger .... but Danny just galloped up and JUMPED on it! That scared me so much I jumped like a jackrabbit into Twister and almost fell down under his tummy. They laughed at me for being scared of a “cardboard box”. Must. Get. Braver. I’m so embarrassed.


November 14, 2017 6:30pm

Dear Diary, So a giant horse walking down the road told me what weaning is. He said it’s when you go live on another farm! Frankie found me crying and said no, that’s not what’s going to happen, hold on, and she galloped off (I could see dust flying and hear a lot of squealing - then I saw giant walking down the road horse jumping and leaping and begging for his life as he careened over the hill). Frankie came back a little out of breath and said here’s the deal. You are going to camp. Without your Mom. Your Mom will miss you, but you will be having so much fun at camp you will hardly miss her. You will go to camp with Danny and Twister. They will take care of you. You will do boy stuff like roll in mud and buck and fart all day. Then after awhile you will come back and live with your Mom & Dad again. It’s no big deal. Oh, OK! To show Mom that I’m ready for camp I ran away tonight. In the dark. And hid behind a sign. Mom got really worried but I just ignored her. Practice makes perfect. Finally human came and got me and gave me back to Mom. As if! I’m ready for BOY CAMP!

November 14, 2017 7:48am

Diary.... Weaning. A word casually being thrown around the barn. But none of the grownups will tell me what it means. Dad says I’ll be the first to go through it on this farm but not to worry, I’m strong enough to pull through, and Mom just cries. What is going to happen to me? Sis Marilyn said it was so scary it turned her mane from curly to straight. I love my wild curly hair and why is Mom crying again? If I’m the first to go through it how do they know I’ll be OK? I even asked our fearless leader Frankie but she just told me to start bulking up on hay. Why? Someone tell me what’s going on or I’m going to flip over backwards!


November 13, 2017

Dear Diary, Exhausted. Depleted. Weak. Drained. My farrier came over and performed the 7 week custom of me holding my feet up in the air while he fiddles with my tootsies. For hours on end (15 min tops). I was very good, I did my absolute best, and stood next to my Mom with my nose on her shoulder. I only wiggled once and that was because a strange little dog went under my tummy. Scary stuff. When this strange tradition was over I was patted and put back in my pen with Mom and Dad. I barely made it to the shavings pile before collapsing. So, so tired. I laid flat out and snored, really loud, and whinnied in my sleep, and snored some more. Then human woke me up to eat so I had a bit of lunch and then fell asleep again. So, so exhausted. I woke up to someone taking my picture, leaped about, then went right back to bed. I fear I shall never recover. So, so tired.

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