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Halter Types

Slip Halter

Limited Slip 

No Slip

Pull lead thru both O rings. Acts like a chain lead on a cable halter.

Step 1:

Hold halter up and size it to horses head.

Run lead between O Rings.

Exit rings towards the back of the horse.

Adjust tightness

Chin stays relatively stable

Sizing the Halter-All


Adjust for Limited Slip

1) Make a loop, place between O rings, run end of lead thru loop and tighten OR

2) Knot behind O rings

Chin stays very stable.

Hold D rings with one hand

Pull crown piece (Above D Rings) upwards

Hold D rings with one hand

Pull lead/chin portion downwards with other hand.


Noseband shouldn't need adjusting, but if it does:

Loosen the knot on the D rings. Adjust. Retighten very tight.


Step 2: Pull the chin piece loose before trying to put the halter on horse, otherwise halter may bind on horses face, and usually horse will back away. Pull over ears. Grasp lead and adjust chin to desired halter type above.

OVER Bridle:

Pull lead rope completely out of the O rings.

Place halter on head

Re-insert lead in O rings.
Gasp Lead and adjust chin to desired type halter.

Step 3: Always adjust halter to fit higher on nose like an arabian, or minature cable show halter or an English bridle (just under the bottom of the cheekbone)


We DO NOT recommend tying an animal with a HalterAll

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