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  • What length are the leads?
    Small - 7' Horse - 7' Draft - 10' We can custom make any length!
  • How do I know which size to choose for my horse?
    Due to resulting lead rope length please choose the approprite size for your horse. Small - foals, miniatures, small ponies Horse - anything that fits in a "horse size halter" OR a large pony that is right on the cusp Oversize - drafts and warmbloods. Have a short draft? We do. A Shetland/Belgian cross. Because he wears an oversize halter BUT is only 15.1h he wears a Horse size as a Draft size has too long of a lead rope.
  • How to care and clean for my Halter-All™
    Our nylon solid colors tend to hold water a bit more than our patterned polyester. HOWEVER both can be washed by hand with a mild soap and hung to dry.
  • How do I properly size the halter for my horse?
    Adjust the crown (slide through the 2 D rings) so the noseband lies just below the cheekbones. For a horse/large animal this is around 2 fingers below the cheeckbones. For a mini/small animal a finger or less, depending on size. Adjust the noseband so the D and O rings on both sides are just below the center of the animals profile, to keep the halter out of their eyes. In a nutshell, adjust this so it lies in the same place a traditional halter lies.
  • Do you offer discounts for multiple orders?
    Contact us for orders over 6 halters, we are happy to work with you. Law Enforcement - we offer Animal At Large Kits with detailed catch instructions.
  • Do you sell wholesale products?
    At this time we are not offering wholesale. We are a small company and chooose to stay small and local, meaning we can only sew so many per day! However this does mean you get an exceptionally high quality product made to order.
  • Do you sponsor?
    We are always happy to help! Have your kids contact us and we will provide a gentle educational opportunity on ordering or asking for donations.
  • Where do you ship to?
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  • Do you ship internationally?
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  • Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?
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  • Do you accept returns?
    We do, however the items must be unworn/unused. Please see our Return Policy page for more details.
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